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shut up joshua by justaheartlessnobody


I know i have not been as active as i used to be on here, But i am going to make an attempt to change that.

That being said, there is actually A BUNCH of things i never really bothered to upload at all, so i plan to do that within the next few days.

plus like i said before I am putting old stuff in storage.

I am really hesitant to put some of my stuff in storage because some of it is still okay, but like I really just want to showcase the works that i did a REally good job on. So therefore, from now on, if its not my absolute best effort... i am probobly not going to upload it. Also I Wont be uploading any more OC X Cannon shit anymore. I used to be into that whole thing and now for me its somewhat embarrassing. I will be deleting ALL of my higurashi shit. It used to be my thing, now i just find it embarassing.
From now on any fanart i Do will be CANNOn X CAnnon UNLESS of course i was commissioned to do so.

LONG STORY SHORt.... A TON OF SHIT is going into storage, So if you want to save something from my gallery NOW is the time to do it...FOR ALL i know, i might just wipe my entire gallery and start fresh and upload only my faveorite stuff. or better yet just create a brand new account. of course, i would let you all know about it. but thats up in the air for now. LONG STORY SHORT, I need something better.
within the next few days i am going to be putting some of my art in storage,

stuff such as:

art that i used to love but now is embaressing
poorly drawn stuff
and stuff that generally dose not intest me anymore.

that being said, if you know i have one of the drawings i made for you in there, let me know and i will take it out of stoorage so you can save it, then let me know when you have done so so i can place it back in storage.
haha wow by justaheartlessnobody
haha wow
just downloaded the yugioh arc v tag force english patch and im laughing at the translation notes.

Oh just in case people ask: my desktop backround image is not my drawing, its a drawing from someone on pixiv, i will add the persons page link tommorrow when im not lazy. >3>


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May takahara
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

anime Artist | Procrastonator
YUYA SAKAKI STAMP by KristianTheTiragon
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king of roxas by justaheartlessnobody

amazing people and da family:
:iconpunipaws: One of my best freinds on deviantart shes known me for a long time She really amazing and her art is awsome
:icontwinsink: i have known twinsink for a LOOOOOONG time, and shes a really amazing freind. she dosnt get on much as she used to but i miss her. :3
:iconkokomisou: shes an amazing kingdom hearts artist. ^-^
:iconasakobunny: shes one of my best freinds i met on tumblr.. we RP alot and talk about random stuff like Kingdom hearts and other universes shes an AMAZING friend

:iconhylianguy: a good freind
:iconariya-uthura: my freind in real life. altough we havent seen eachother in a while i miss you~ nwn
:iconreality-cat: this chicka right here is a good freind of mine in rea life.~ BROS FOR LIFE
:iconmarinacuz: shes a real sweetie and shes so awsome~ >V<
:iconareoflame: hes awsome like a boss *shades*
:iconnishi199: another fellow higurashi fan and a amazing freind. VwV hes my da bro and he is awsome
:iconxx-kiyomihime-xx: shes a good freind i met at Kumori con 2012! really cool person and huge fan of all sorts of anime. freindly too. :3
:iconivory-bolt: shes an epic Plushie maker.

THE weirdos CLAN: :icontwinsink::iconjustaheartlessnobody:
da brothers :iconnishi199: :iconareoflame:
DA sisters: :iconzabrinathediverhog::icontwinsink:
Yako Katsuragi obsessed partner in crime: :iconsephy90:
pet horse: :iconariya-uthura:
anime obsessed cousin::iconxx-kiyomihime-xx:


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Kamylove Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Artist
Thank you for the fav Giffany Icon 
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Thank you for the watch ♥
justaheartlessnobody Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome. i beilive you were following me on tumblr and i went to check and saw you were an artist as well and then saw you had deviant art. altough im on mobile at the moment so i cant check for sure if it was you or not easily. but regardless i like your art and we are both meitantei conan/ magic kaito fans so its awsome eaither way.
Mya-rt Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for liking my art ♥ You're right i'm following you on tumblr !! 
Your art is very cute plus you're meitantei conan and magic kaito fan too so I had to follow /// asdfghjkl
Sorry for my bad English _(:'3 」∠)_ Anyway, nice to meet you !!
justaheartlessnobody Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thanks. im glad you like my art as well. <3 djw9ijd9eijd

im glad.

also your English is perfectly understandable its alright.

Nice to meet you as well. <3
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Thank u so much for fav QUQ
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Thanks for the watch!! :]]
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